LC-MS/MS Analysis of Drugs in Whole Blood

A Unique Solution for total Automation and Undisturbed Detection

  • Irayani Berger, Rosa Morello, Karl-Siegfried BoosIrayani Berger, Rosa Morello, Karl-Siegfried Boos

Summary: 1) We developed a fully automated analysis platform for the routine determination of immunosuppressants in whole blood.
2) The native, anticoagulated whole blood sample is processed in-line by a heat-shock treatment. The resulting cell-disintegrated blood (CDB) then is subjected to multidimensional on-line SPE. 3) The use of three different SPE-cartridges and packings respectively allows a highly selective extraction of immunosuppressants and a highly efficient depletion of matrix components which otherwise would interfere with the ionisation process.This holds for hydrophilic compounds and especially for hydrophobic, late eluting phospholipids.

This poster was presented at HPLC 2010; 19-24 June 2010:

Click this link to view the complete poster as a PDF

Dr. Rosa Morello
Laboratory of BioSeparation
Institute of Clinical Chemistry
Medical Center of the University of Munich
Marchioninistr. 15
81377 Munich



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