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The advantages of Micro-LC. Here you find all information on Micro-LC: You don't need that much if all is small.

Sample Preparation and Automation: Depending on the matrix, a more or less time-consuming sample preparation is mandatory. How you can perform optimal sample preparation for micro-HPLC you can learn here.

GIT&T Tipps & Tricks: Micro-LC Capillaries: Choosing the Correct Inner Diameter: To achieve high separation performance the inner diameter of the capillary has to be in optimal alignment with the column.

Micro-LC: The Basics: Why miniaturization is good.

Optimization of Ionization Efficiency Using a Design of Experiments Approach in Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry

Chromatography Basics: Selectivity versus Efficiency: Several strategies for a solution to chromatographic separation problems: Retention Factor, Flow Rate, Selectivityand Linear Velocity.

Are the Lights on Green? Micro-LC’s Road to Routine Analysis: Compared to the “classic” (U)HPLC-systems, Micro-LC offers a whole series of advantages.

From Tswett’s “Farbschreibung” to modern Chromatography. A historical overview: From Tswett to advanced liquid chromatography


Microsite Advanced Liquid Chromatography

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