IYC 2011 - Better Living Through Chemistry

Chemistry and its proceedings are often seen in a close relationship with poisoning, environmental pollution and damage. People often overlook the benefits chemistry brings to our daily life.

Many people believe that our life would be better without it. Some people may discuss whether new developments in chemistry since the dawn of industrialization have been good or bad for us. But these people may also discuss whether it would be an advantage to return to the trees for housing or whether the leaving of the oceans by our vertebrate ancestors was a step in the right direction.

Imagine what would happen if you tried to "return to" a tree without having a ladder normally made of aluminium, or to the water without diving equipment. Look in or out your window, try to imagine what would be left if all things made by the aid of chemistry disappeared.
The first thing you would see reading this is


oh, sorry, no paper, no pencil, no screen.

Without chemistry you can take the image of returning to the trees literally. Nearly all things surrounding you now are made by the aid of chemistry. What we call prosperity relies on chemistry, our health too. You were born as a preemie? Do you have a pacer? Prostheses? Diabetes? Have you ever had any severe infections? ... sorry, not good for you.

What are your plans for tonight? Cooking, TV, reading, golf, - not an option -, though you may easily be able to walk the distance between your office or Lab and your home.

In my opinion, the only chance to overcome the trouble caused by using chemistry is chemistry. The evolutionary niche mankind occupies is to have both foremost extremities freed from locomotion. To use them as hands supports the good development of our cortex, let's use them to develop better solutions.

By writing this then, imagine what would happen if.... gave me a headache, for heaven's sake, Bayer gave us aspirin.

Teaser picture: Stu - Fotolia.com


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