Aug. 22, 2017

Read and Win: Chemometrics

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Chemometrics is the bridge between chemistry and mathematics, meaning that it uses mathematical methods to analyse the results of analytical measurements.

It is applied for interpreting, evaluating and analysing results of analytical measurements, to obtain a maximum of information from the data. It is widely used from experiment design over signal processing up to exchange of data. The author, Matthias Otto, introduces the statistical-mathematical evaluation of chemical measurements, especially analytical ones, going on to provide a modern approach to signal processing, designing and optimizing experiments, pattern recognition and classification, as well as modeling simple and nonlinear relationships. Analytical databases are equally covered as are applications of multiway analysis, artificial intelligence, fuzzy theory, neural networks, and genetic algorithms. With this new edition, coverage is expanded to topics such as orthogonal signal correction and new data exchange formats. Latest developments such as dynamic neural networks and new directives for quality assurance in regulated environments (GLP) round off this book.

Otto, M.
Statistics and Computer Application in Analytical Chemistry
Third edition
ISBN: 978-3-527-34097-2

Also available in electronic formats.

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