Aug. 12, 2019

Read & Win: Cannabis for Dummies

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Cannabis is going mainstream and everyone is curious about what’s real and what’s hype. To date, 30 states have legalized medical marijuana and 9 have completely legalized it. Still, even as other states consider the option of legalizing marijuana there remain many questions, confusions and misconceptions about marijuana. Cannabis For Dummies, written by Cannabis industry expert, Kim Casey, aims to answer many of those questions and serve as a guide to all there is to know about marijuana. The book covers everything there is to know about marijuana in a no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point, style. It begins by breaking down the anatomy and chemistry of marijuana and covers the basics of cannabis in politics and in culture. Author Kim Casey covers growing, buying, storing, and using cannabis, and outlines how to use cannabis safely and responsibly.


Interviewer: What is your main focus in research, what is your main scientific interest?
As a communications expert, I am required to do a great deal of research into the industries in which I work.  As part of my career in cannabis, I was focused on all aspects of the industry to support understanding and outreach to customers, the public and especially the media regarding this new and evolving industry.
Interviewer: What was the reason to write the book?
Cannabis is an emerging industry in the spotlight often times with more myths than realities.  Even within the section of the public who either work within the industry or are comfortable users, most individuals stick to the area that directly intersects themselves.
Interviewer: What is the target audience for the book?
By writing a comprehensive book that provided information on the full range of the industry, including much of the technical information about the plant and its chemistry, I am certain there is some information for all.  However, my greatest hopes for the book and its approach is to take the fear about cannabis away from those individuals who are hearing about the substance but are nervous about exploring personally.
Interviewer: What knowledge is prerequisite for the book?
This book was intentionally drafted to encompass a wide range of knowledge.  No prerequisite knowledge is required to learn from this book – just a curiosity and desire for honest information.
Interviewer: What is the most frequently asked question you encounter?
The most frequent question I receive is:  Do you think cannabis will become federally legal?  The answer is:  Eventually cannabis will be a legal substance in some form or another across the U.S.

and perhaps the globe because the monetary forces will not be ignored. However, timing will be dependent on the political will of the administrations in office to either legalize or create barriers.

Interviewer: What will be, in your opinion, the next big thing on the cannabis market?
Within the industry, it is the hemp-derived CBD products that seem to be on fire these days.  Barriers and challenges including, taxation, legalization and competition as well as cost of entry to the industry, which accompany the marijuana strain of the plant are making the legal side of the plant more and more attractive to both investors, business purveyors and consumers who like the benefits but not the psychoactive effects.


Casey, K. R. / Kraynak, J.
Cannabis For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-119-55066-2

Also available in electronic formats!

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