Jul. 14, 2015

Photometry Compendium Episode 2

Spectral Analysis and Special Applications

  • Episode 2: Spectral Analysis and Special Applications

The absoption spectrum  is a characteristic of a given substance. Spectral photometers offer the ability to characterize spectral behaviour over a range of wavelengths.

Using such a scan, one can, for example, identify the best wavelength for a concentration measurement or compare it to reference spectra for quality control. Additionally, more complex analytical tasks, such as changes in substance behaviour, can be analyzed by taking multiple readings with the same or different wavelengths.


Supplemental Material:

Spectral Analysis

Special Photometric Procedures and Multi-step Measurements

10-point calibration: Uranin measurement - creating an individual measurement method

Photometric determination of D-Glucose

Chorophyll a


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