Aug. 27, 2015

Photometry Compendium Episode 3

Pitfalls in Test Application and Handling

  • Pitfalls in Test Application and Handling

Typical traps that we can fall into while preparing and carrying out tests.

In photometry, most of the mistakes which lead to incorrect results are caused by improper handling. The third episode of the Photometry Compendium shows the typical mistakes that occur in practice and how to avoid them.  By observing a few important points while taking samples, transporting them and carrying out tests, it is quite easy to obtain good results.


Supplemental Material:

Photometry: The traps waiting for you in the preparation and execution of assays

Photometry: Decreasing disturbing influences and avoiding error sources

Influence of the temperature on the response time and measuring results of test sets

Method updates for photometers

Pipette is not equal to pipette


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