Sep. 23, 2015

Photometry Compendium Episode 4

Environmental Monitoring and Aquaculture

  • Photometry Compendium Episode 4: Environmental Monitoring and Aquaculture

A key advantage of photometry is the availability of portable instruments, making the technique suitable for fast analysis in the field.

The 4th video on  shows the use of the photometer in environmental analysis. Environmental monitoring is of growing importance in view of the European Water Framework Directive. A regular analysis gives a fast and reliable overview of the chemical, biological and environmental condition of your water. Especially the parameters of nitrogen, nitrate and phosphate play an important role. This video shows you how to do this.


Supplemental Material:

Comparing the bulbs


The advantages of reagent tests

Testing in the field (1)

Testing in the field (2)

Iron is simply everywhere

Depth Profiles


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